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    Volkswirtschaftliche Diskussionsreihe - Veröffentlichungen 2008

Beitrag Nr. 297: Juergen Antony, Alfred Maussner

A further note on a new class of solutions to dynamic programming problems arising in economic growth   

Beitrag Nr. 298: Torben Klarl

On the stability of equilibria in replicator dynamics modelling: an application in industrial dynamics considering resource constraints   

Beitrag Nr. 299: Clemens Heuson

Weitzman revisited: Emission standards vs. taxes with uncertain control costs and market power of polluting firms   

Beitrag Nr. 300: Clemens Heuson

Emission standards vs. taxes: The case of asymmetric Cournot duopoly and uncertain control costs   

Beitrag Nr. 301: Thomas Ziesemer, Peter Michaelis

Strategic Environmental Policy and the Accumulation of Knowledge   

Beitrag Nr. 302: Peter Michaelis, Thomas Ziesemer

Policy Diffusion, Lobbying and the Taxation of Emissions   

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