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    Volkswirtschaftliche Diskussionsreihe - Veröffentlichungen 2016

Beitrag Nr. 326: Philipp Hübler, Andreas Kucher

Ashes to ashes, time to time - Parental time discounting and its role in the intergenerational transmission of smoking   

Beitrag Nr. 327: Heiko Wirths, Joachim Rathmann, Peter Michaelis

Climate Feedbacks in DICE-2013R - Modeling and Empirical Results   

Beitrag Nr. 328:
 Horst Hanusch, Yasushi Hara

Meeting the Challenges of the EU-2020 Agenda - A Future-Oriented Indicator Analysis for the EU-Countries   

Beitrag Nr. 329:
 Horst Hanusch, Lekha Chakraborty, Swati Khurana

Public Expenditures, Innovation and Economic Growth: Empirical Evidence from G20 Countries   

Beitrag Nr. 330:
 Horst Hanusch

On the Patterns of Behaviour in Digitalized Societies   

Beitrag Nr. 331:
 Horst Hanusch, Yasushi Hara

Preparing for the Future - The OECD-Countries in Comparison   

Beitrag Nr. 332:
 Horst Hanusch

Revolutionary Developments in the World Economy   

Beitrag Nr. 333:
 Horst Hanusch, Yasushi Hara

Variety of Future-Orientation: The Case of G-19 Countries   

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